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Fellow Harringayonians
After fifteen years in this wonderful town (Harringay that is), tomorrow we move out of London to start on our next chapter of life. Why are we moving? Slower, greener and slightly closer to grand parents - I don't really know?

Harringay has been a wonderful home for us and our family. Much has changed in those fifteen years, most for the better, some things not so.

We have met some amazingly kind, genuine and lovely people in that time; some neighbours, some from the pub, some from school and even the odd one or two from HOL ; ) Those who deserve a special mention are the staff and teachers at NHP, the various voluntary bods who work tirelessly for the community especially those connected to Fairland Park and Harringayonline. Some of these wonderful folk have had to put up with my forthright approach, sometimes too forthright : ) but thank you for making our time in Harringay so special. Tomorrow will be a sad day for us.
Stay classy (and a bit shabby too) Harringay. xxx
B2 & Al B

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Missing you already !!  Good luck for the future.

All the very best Birdy, good luck

No idea you were shipping out. Sorry to see you leave. Where are you headed?

And thanks for all your help with HoL in the early days. Who the hell am I going to speak to when it's time for a redesign?

Birdy* Peace and love wherever you go we'll meet soon i hope

Best wishes, Birdy. Enjoyed my very occasional meetings with you.


Ditto Birdy

All the best mate, good luck with the next neighbourhood

Careful Birdy - it's anarchy out there in the suburbs!! C u back soon for a quiet Harringay beer (minus the constant stream of Green Lanes sirens)

Good luck you guys, and thanks again for giving Jack a brilliant home!! 

All the best Birdy - enjoy the fresh air.

And huge thanks to both of you for all your help and support with North Harringay's PSA - we are really going to miss you!

Bye bye Birdy, has been great to know you. There is a lovely cycle path all the way here from Hertford if you ever fancy a visit!
Many, many thanks for you kind comments, I'm starting to tremble with fear a bit now.

Off to the northern part of Berkhamsted Hugh where there's a few fields : ) Being part of the earlier days of HOL was very enjoyable and I enjoyed the company and the hearty debates even though I was captain awkward. This community absolutely rocks and if we have 20% of what Harringay has to offer I would class that as a result. Thank you beautiful people for giving us some wonderful memories.

Jack the cat (thanks Anette) won't know what's hit him with all this new wildlife to chase!

Off for a weep now....



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