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How do you make a Tottenham Ploughman's?

First, get a chunk of Flourish Bakery bread.

Add a big slice of Wilde's Cheese.

Grab some veg, pickles and chutneys from Living Under One Sun.

Don't forget a nice glass of Redemption Beer.

And hey presto... one Tottenham Ploughman's lunch!

Photo by Cheryl Cohen, organiser of the Tottenham Ploughmans

Not even the heavens opening could dampen the enthusiasm of the local community for the first ever Tottenham Ploughmans, the brainchild of Cheryl Cohen, a Tottenham resident who has been organising farmer's markets for the past 10 years. Big queues formed at the stalls and for the Tottenham produced produce, which quickly sold out and saw the Redemption crew making a dash at 1.30 for extra barrels to supply the thirsty crowd. 

Entertaining the crowd was the Tottenham choir and other local acts and teas, coffees and cakes were supplied by the Downhills Cafe staff who also provided shelter during the one downpour of the afternoon. 

It was a really lovely event and one that clearly local folk can't wait to repeat next year. Put it in your diary.

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Lovely, lovely event. Sadly we got to the front of the queue just as the food ran out but lovely to hang out with friends and listen to the music and see everyone's smiling faces. A great advert for N17!

What a fantastic event. Great turnout , good to see so many residents supporting it. Unfortunately we also got there just as the food ran out so we will definitely look forward to a repeat event next year.

More pics here from Cheryl's FB page

Would love them to do this more regularly than once a year, how about once a month. (Typing whilst eating a slice of the olive bread i brought there yesterday)


This was an awesome event - and a great chance to sample some local produce. I'd never tried any of these producers' fare before but boy was it worth the wait!

Agree that the atmosphere was great. Just a pity that the expectation of numbers was obviously so much lower than attended. We didn't get to sample any of the local produce despite arriving at 1.30pm when the event was advertised as from noon until 5pm! We reckoned they could have sold 3- 4 times as much produce.

Hopefully the businesses involved will see it as a great opportunity and can come a little more prepared to take advantage of the audience next time. It should also encourage any others who could fit well into the event to come out of the woodwork.

Enjoyed the (apparently) world record holding bubble man too!

I arrived in time to buy some chutney. I would have like to taste some of the other produce but the Queues were simply too long. The folk manning the stalls were swamped and as i queued it started to rain. I was happy and suprised at the huge support and there was a lovely atmosphere but then it started to rain and i gave up. Hope the next one has a more organised feel to it. Thanks to all.

Well done, Cheryl and all who helped with this. Not everybody knows that enthusiasts in Crouch End campaigned for about twelve years to establish one of Cheryl's weekly farmers' markets outside Hornsey Town Hall. Now you all know what you've been missing! 



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