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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!


See you all there. You just know it'll be a lovely sunny day! Bring some lunch along from the Market on Falkland Rd. Pimms & beer available at the park.


Try your hand at using the pogo stick after a couple of pimms .... or the space hopper races!

12 - 3:30pm this Sunday


Fairland Park, Falkland Rd N8


Live music & loads of games

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Which online weather forecaster do you find is more accurate?!

Tried this one Matt.. ?


BBC ? nah !

Well that forecast has Sunday as fine. That'll do me ... and everyone else!

Here the DM is known as the Daily Doom. Switch papers!

DM = Mirror or Mail ?

You read what you want

I'm currrently reading " Fifty Shades of Grey " so would be in no position to look down on Mail readers

Ah yes but you're a Telegraph reader Mr D. For you the clouds always look black & threatening.

The Daily Mail is certainly more popular among women, than say the Mirror or Sun. I suppose it appeals to their 'angst outlooks'.

My sister reads the Mail too and suffers serious depression because of it I think. Continually telling me how dreadful everything is - see, you should blame her or the Daily Mail!

Come on Stephen, you really never even peeped at Das Goldene Blatt at the supermarket checkout?
Just spent a few depressing minute looking at the Mail Online and debate around gay marriage. I think your diagnosis is right.

Wonderful day! Great to see so many people. Thank you everyone for your help. Even the sun joined in! See you next year.

Yes it was a really good day, thank you matt and fofp for organizing it for us.



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