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The Thames water works have begun and Fairfax road is choking in the pollution caused by the idling, gridlocked traffic that has been diverted from Wightman rd.  Can anyone tell me who I can write to who might be able to amend the diversion so that it goes down more roads than just Beresford and Fairfax?

I've contacted Gina, Sarah and Zena of Harringay ward. Is there anyone else, or anything else I can do? The air is already thick with pollution and three weeks of this will be very serious for health of children living on the road, including mine. Thanks for any advice. 

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They put the sign there as anywhere closer to the roundabout iwould have obscured us pesky pedestrians when using the crossing. It's actually very well thought out when thinking outside of the car ... 

Do you know if there's anything further west on Upper Tollington, or on Green Lanes between Manor House and Endymion?

Sadly not. I dare say there should be though.

Sadly not know or sadly not there?

Diversion signs have gone up at the bottom of Warham and there certainly was less traffic going up yesterday (though as I write this I can hear the usual morning rush roaring up my street). Has it improved things on Beresford and Fairfax?

Not at all, sadly still the same on Fairfax.

Is it not obvious that by now that the council care not a jot for your health, the health of your children or even your scarce remaining bits of sanity? We change Councillors and nothing changes - but look around at how traffic is virtually funneled down the ladder with road closures and no-right-turns all around it. Join the Labour party - attend the selection meetings and deselect them - you can do nothing about the vehicle centric officers.

After logging a complaint with Thames Water on Tuesday I finally got a response from them today from the Customer Relations Team...

Long story short, not their problem and passing the blame on to Haringey Highways Team who advised and implemented the diversion.

Only other information I gleaned from this conversation was that the work is due to complete on the 8th November - I believe this is slightly sooner than the letter implies.

I had a back and forth with their twitter team who said internal systems suggested it would be done by a week tomorrow... So who knows. 

I can't speak for whose responsibility it is... But if it IS the council it's hard to see past John Mc's view, is it? 

The actual works and their safety are the responsibility of the organisation carrying them out.  The responsibility for maintenance and traffic on the road sits with of whoever has primary responsibility for the road , so TfL for major routes and local authorities for all others routes in London.  Wightman and it’s impact on surrounding roads is clearly the responsibility of Haringey and within that the Highways team.  I believe the most senior person with responsibility for Highways is Ann Cunningham (Ann.Cunningham@haringey.gov.uk)

This is, of course, a microcosm of what is happening, long term to all our health with all the traffic funnelled from across the borough through the ladder, it’s just a bit more obvious and immediate while the work is ongoing. Another boring reminder: pollution went down to almost nothing when Wightman Road was closed for six months. And yet we still put up with it. When are Cleaner Streets going to seriously get behind closing Wightman for good? (Or reopening some of the closed roads to ease our traffic and health issues?)

I've reported the roadworks into Google Maps as the road was still showing open, so at least people unaware of the issue might be routed away from the area. 

Would have thought this would be something the contractors or council would do when the works started as a matter of routine but clearly not. 



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