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Two really good quality double glazed sash windows going free. We're having our side return extension done and unfortunately we can't re-use them, so they have to go.

We got them about 10 years ago from a first class supplier of traditional style wooden double-glazed sash windows (Mumford and Wood) and they are still in very good condition (they look messy in the picture, but it's just surface).

The sash action is still really smooth and the chrome furniture is all good quality and works well. White sprayed paint finish.

The *approximate* frame size of the two windows is:

 - 1.7m x 1.3m

 - 1.4m x 1.3m

Happy to see them go to a new home, can't bear to let the builders just throw them out.

Collection for free from Pemberton Road.

Would prefer to see them both go together if you can take both.

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Hi Hugo, I may well be interested in these as need new windows. Just need to check with partner. We're in Mattison. Thanks, Kate.

Okay Kate. Let me know after you've checked.


Hi Hugo, just sent message/connection request.

I’d love to take these if Kate decides against! Have sent connection request.

Just to let everyone know these have now gone.



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