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(People occasionally post on HOL asking about cleaners, but I can't find any particularly recent discussions on the topic so I've started a new thread.)

Our cleaner, Neli, is looking to pick up some more work in the Harringay area as she wants to move her client base here (as she lives nearby). She is a terrific cleaner and very hard working. If you'd like her details, please send me a connection request and I'll send you her mobile number.

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Yes, she speaks English, not fluently but perfectly adequately. She's originally from Bulgaria, I believe, but has been in the UK for a long time. The person who recommended her to me said she had been a hotel maid.

I'll let her negotiate her own rates with you, if you want to get in touch with her. (I pay her more than she asked for initially, and I'm not sure whether she still charges her old rates, so I don't want to put her in a situation where she has to charge something different from what she normally does.)

Just sent you her number ...

Sent you her number too ...

Would v much like her details please.

Hi- please can you send me her number too please! Thank you


Hi would also like her number if she is not too busy now !

Could you give me her number too please

Hi everyone, I have sent Neli's details out to well over a dozen people by now & she's a bit overwhelmed so can't take anyone else on. But she's given me the number of a friend, Elena. I don't know Elena or how well she cleans, but if anyone else reading this wants to get in touch with her & try her out (& perhaps update this thread, given the large number of Harringay folks seeking cleaners), send me a connection request.

Elena used to clean for us before Neli. Neli took over when Elena went back to Bulgaria for a couple of years. I can highly recommend Elena - a lovely person and a fantastic cleaner. PM me if you want a reference for her.


We're looking for a cleaner to help out in our house in the N4 area. Would you be able to PM me Elena's details?

Many thanks!

Hi - I would be interested in contacting Elena. Please could I have her number

Hi I'm looking for a 1 off deep clean post building work. Do you think Neli or Elena might fancy a one off big job? Would love their details if so.



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