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Hi all.

Has anyone else noticed how horrific the images are on a constant loop being beamed out of the windows of Ersan & Co opposite the Salisbury?

When it was first being refurbished, it was a mystery as to what it was going to be, then as the 'PERSONAL INJURY, 'ACCIDENT CLAIMS' and 'MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE' banners were unveiled it became clear that it is a ambulance chaser megamart.

So what right? These [sort of firms*] have to be based somewhere.

My gripe is that they show videos on a constant loop of all of the worst things which can happen. There is one video in particular which features an awful car accident where a car crosses into the oncoming lane and is obliterated by a truck. I have been in a couple of car accidents, and they are no joke, and it struck me that this is particularly inappropriate footage to be broadcasting to the general public 24 hours a day.

Also the monitors seem to be beaming these out at about a million lumens, they illuminate the whole street, thankfully my bedroom is not on the street side or I would need blackout curtains.

Who can I complain to? (Besides you lot...)

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The Public Carriage Office might be interested.( now known as TfL Taxi and Private Hire )

They approved it - see http://blogit.realwire.com/Transport-for-London-Gives-TaxiCast-the-...  and  http://techcitynews.com/2013/07/22/the-taxi-top-battle-for-londons-... .

£2,000 a year to the cab owner. Doesn't say how much to the PCO/TfL.

And yes I'd be momentarily distracted if that went past me in the Blackwall Tunnel.

The link to this thread appears to be blocked. In any case it would appear most have lost interest in the discussion.
Sadly I also noticed this today driving by and emitted a big sigh. I can almost feel the heat coming off the screens they're so visually loud, the national grid must be getting some good business out of it.

So I noticed both screens were on at around 6pm today and I am left wondering whether Ersan's won their appeal!?? Even my daughter who is still very young noticed the screens emitting a new advertisement and expressed some dismay. Yes, big sighs all around here. I suppose we will subjected to this new advertising loop for many years to come? Thank god the movie finished, that was becoming unbearable.

It's just appalling, low grade, ceaseless visual pollution which degrades the experience of the locality, the high street and that of people living nearby who cannot block it from their view. It is on permanently,   non-stop day and night, 24/7 and has been churning away at Bank Holidays including Easter, peak times when the plaza outside The Salisbury would be used by the public. Irrespective of the content - whether the ghastly shock and horror accident and hospital scenes or the soft-focus promotional video (presumably an attempted sop to critics, entirely misguided) it is a totally unacceptable intrusion as a permanently moving visual intrusion in to the local townscape. It shows a complete lack of engagement with the local community by the company involved and a similar lack of willing to become part of the community - whether residents, traders or even, passers by. It is arrogant and immature stance, given the tidal wave of objection to the screens. These screens should be internally-facing, not visible from the street, so that the company's presence on the high street is much more discreet, low-key and appropriate to the streetscape. Its brash and brazen presence is not well received locally. The lettering on the facade is also larger than that permitted

It troubles me that everything you say is true, you really have it, and yet the situation remains so. It's outrageous. I feel like they've brought a slice of wood green here! After all the regeneration efforts do we really want to allow this to continue. What if it's just the thin end of the wedge? Is there any action that can be taken at all!? Perhaps I will write another letter to Haringey council asking what the current legal situation is with regard to the requests for removal and non compliance.



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