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Enter your garden or green space for this year's Haringey In Bloom

Haringey in Bloom is the borough’s annual gardening competition to celebrate its creative, sustainable and beautiful green spaces.

In Bloom brings communities, local businesses and the council together and celebrates how local spaces are shaped.

Everything from private gardens to window boxes, communal spaces and school gardens are included in the awards, because they all play a major role in transforming the way Haringey's streets look and feel and bring people together too. These are the categories

  • Front garden
  • Back garden
  • Mini marvel – balcony (where permitted), hanging basket or window box. This may be on a balcony or as part of a garden
  • School  and nursery – for schools and/or nurseries that have cultivated a beautiful garden and encouraged children and young people’s involvement in and learning about gardening. Gardens in the school and nursery category will be awarded extra points for pupil involvement and learning
  • Vegetable plot or greenhouse – for residents who grow fruits and vegetables on their property to showcase the sustainability of food growing and its benefits for health and wellbeing
  • Communal garden – for gardens that are shared by a council estate, multi-storey block of flats, or sheltered scheme which is vibrant and has improved the neighbourhood
  • Business – for businesses who have cultivated a beautiful garden which is attractive to customers and has a variety of flowers, plants, special features, design and layout

Whatever type of space you garden, you are contributing to the local community and environment. So every person that enters In Bloom will be given a pack of free seeds to plant to say thank you.

The competition runs through the summer, with winners announced in September.

The deadline for entries is 31 July.

The panel of judges will offer a ‘sustainability bonus’ in each category – that’s extra points for entries that help to increase biodiversity, reduce pollution, or provide other wider benefits.

Find out more and to enter click here

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