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Hi all,

I hate my first post to be a begging one, but we've just realised we don't have parking permits for the workmen who are coming tomorrow (tuesday 8 january) to renovate our windows. If anyone has some spare visitors permits for green lanes A I'd gladly buy them off you, order some ourselves and then give them back when they arrive.

We'll be giving away a sofa here soon so it won't all be take take take.

Many thanks,


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...they'll also be here on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Long shot, I know

if the worst come to worst park on middle lane its free 

Reply via Twitter:

Hi Pete, I have some day vouchers available however we are in the 'Wood Green - Outer zone' CPZ.. would this help?  



Many thanks to everyone who offerred help and advice on my ludicrously last-minute request. Panic over, as it turns out that choosing a local firm to do the work (found on Harringay Online of course!) meant they actually had their own supply of permits back at the office - even if they had emailed the day before to say we absolutely must provide them ourselves.



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