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Japan now has more electric vehicle charging points than gas stations.

I hope the council are paying attention to this when they grant developers car parking spaces.

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Batteries are really heavy, John, much heavier than an internal combustion engine.

Not sure which links you'd accept though - you can find so much contradiction on t'interweb.

The Nissan Leaf is supposed to be the best-selling electric car in Europe. It's battery weighs 300kg.

Here are some generic battery specs from http://www.electricvehiclewiki.com/Battery_specs


Type Laminated lithium-ion battery
Voltage 403.2V [1]
Nominal voltage 360V [2]
Total capacity 24 kWh [2] (16 kWh available, 67% DoD [3], 21 kWh declared [4])
Power output Over 90 kW
Energy density 140 Wh/kg [5]
Power density 2.5 kW/kg [5]
Dimensions 61.8 x 46.8 x 10.4 in. (1570.5 x 1188 x 264.9 mm) [1]
Weight 648 lbs [6]
Number of modules 48, each with four cells (total 192 cells) [7][2]
Battery pack contents:
  • Positive electrodes: lithium manganate
  • Negative electrodes: carbon
  • Cells
  • Modules
  • Assembly parts
Charging times:
  • Quick charger DC50kW (0 to 80%): approx. 30 min (Level 3 charging)
  • Home-use AC240V charging dock (0-100%): 8 hrs (Level 2 charging) [8]
  • Regular 110/120V 15-amp outlet: 22 hours (Level 1 charging) [9]
Battery layout

Under seat & floor


So the battery weighs around 300Kg - a power density of 2.5KW per kg. Doubtless they'll get lighter but it's a big ask to also make them lighter than a combustion engine.



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