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I live on one of the Ladder roads.

Thinking about buying a fully electric car, but it will mean trailing a charger cable across the pavement outside our house to the car. Cable would be covered by a florescent protector clearly visible at night.

Does anyone locally have a fully electric car and experience of this?

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there are a couple on Hewitt (one at the top, one at the bottom), they seem to charge them like this with no problem.

Thank you Ed. That’s good to know.

Hampshire county council have produced some guidance on this


Thank you Michael, v informative.

There was something on the Council's website about the personal liability incurred by running a cable across the public footpath (i.e trip and electrocution hazard). I looked for it to attach the link but couldn't find it!

We have a hybrid car and because we don't want to be held liable and dealing with complaints etc, we simply use the charging points. However, in my opinion it works out much more expensive than petrol. For a 2-hour charge, it costs me around £5 which only gives me around 26 miles. If you do the math you will see that this is almost twice as much as petrol would cost.

In my opinion, electric cars are very good if you have a garage or off-road parking. Then you can install your own charging point and have your car juiced up all the time. Using public charging points are too expensive.

Anyway, how often do you get to park your car in front of your own house?!

I nearly always get to park outside. Maybe we’re lucky. This is all good to know. Thank you.



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