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I've just tried - and failed - to confirm voter details in our household. I received the form, which was dated 16 August 2017 last month. As usual, it had the two-part code to confirm details either on the Household Response website, by text or by phone.

The codes did not work. The website told me that my council would be sending out new codes soon. Tried confirming by phone; again, no go.

While I was worrying about whether new forms would be sent out before 10 October (the date by which you're supposed to have confirmed), I noticed the year on the closing date on the inside of the form - 2016 - so, last year's form with last year's codes!

I'll be ringing Haringey Council tomorrow morning about this, but I wonder how many people will not bother to reregister to vote...

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What a mess! I got mine and the codes worked fine but I wonder how many others came across the same problem as you. For what it's worth you might want to follow up your phone conversation with an email so at least you have proof you tried to resolve it before the cut-off date.
If you don't feel that Haringey are properly resolving the situation you might want to alert the Electoral Commission

I just tried mine, didn't work.



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