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Dear friends,

At St Paul's Harringay we're having an Easter poetry celebration on Easter day. I wondered if others in Harringay would like to join in too. You're invited to write a poem on the theme of life triumphing over death, and I'll collate them and publish them online. Kids' poems, haikus, limericks, spoken word and, er, epic verse are all welcome. I'll select a favourite and display it on the notice board on the corner of Cavendish and Wightman Roads, to be gloried in by all on their daily exercise.

Obviously for Christians we're reflecting on Christ's resurrection this week and his triumph of life over death. You're invited to dwell on that, or not, as you prefer. But a little life over death will do us all good at the moment. 

You can email poems to pete@stpaulsharringay.com, by the end of Good Friday to be included in the collective.

With every blessing,


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Thank you for your contributions on this. I'm attaching the mini-anthology of poems we celebrated with at church this morning. 

We made one into a video featuring many Harringay people - it's here - https://www.facebook.com/StPaulN4/videos/225569145389225/

I was also sent this moving poem:

A Month of Sundays (or Covid 19 lock down for freelancers)


When I awake I have no idea what day it is.


A stay in bed late day?

A run in the park day?

A sunny spring daffodil day?

A lie back and dream day?

A ride a bike along country lanes day?

A fly a kite from the top of a hill day?

A clear blue sky day with no contrails.


A day to make a face mask?

A day to queue for hours when shopping?

A day to watch the sourdough rise?

A day to knit a hat or paint a still life?

A day to clean the windows front and back?

A day to chat with neighbours over the garden fence?

A day to call your friends, connect and check they're healthy?

A day to find out that someone's got it and not doing well, oh damn it!


A night to lie back and worry,

A night of wakeful dread and hope,

Your friend's fate plucking at heartstrings,

As he lies in a tangled web of tubes sucking in such precious air.

The result of an irrational lottery, an evening when destiny sent fatal floating droplets, and spotted the jovial bugger unaware,

A stay at home day,

Yes stay at home, abide by the rules and stay onside day, 

But don't let your feelings get stuck inside.


William Embliss 6 April 2020

This idea for a poem came when Tony Blackburn was on Broadcasting House on radio 4. When asked by Paddy O’Connel what he was up to Tony replied that he had trouble telling what day it was and every day seemed like a Sunday. My friend Rob who is the guitarist and singer in Toadfish is in ITU in an induced coma having his lungs drained of liquid. He is still in ITU two days ago his breathing efficacy increased 10%. 




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