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I came across a bunch of early 20th Century venetian blinds and a roller blind in a front garden yesterday that look like they've been stored in an attic for the best part of a century. It seems such a shame to see them go to the tip. Anyone want to give them a home? (If they're still there)

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Have you thought of the Geffrye Museum Hugh? They might have an interst and may restore them?

Spoke with them on the phone - pictures are on their way over. When they tell me they're home-made from the 1970s. I'll come back and share my embarrassment with you as long as you all promise to just titter quietly.

Hey Hugh,

Having had a better look at the photos on my computer, rather than just my phone, i reckon reparing them could be a bit beyond me, thanks for letting us know about them though and i hope you find someone to save them!

Here's the verdict from the Geffrye Museum:

Dear Hugh,

Thank you very much for sending the photographs (which my colleague Zoë forwarded on to me). I think that you are right – they do look like Victorian/Edwardian window blinds. We have a set which date from the early twentieth century in the collection here already and similar ones can be seen in a couple of our nineteenth-century paintings. From the pictures, I would say that the ones you have found are not in good enough condition for us to take them into the collection but thank you letting us know about them - it was interesting for me to see them.




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