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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Cafe Blend owners Linda Zubairi and Steve Tavleski celebrating at their recent friends and family party at the cafe


Over the weekend Harringay locals and Cafe Blend owners Steve and Linda quietly released the opening date of Harringay's long-awaited new high street cafe.

Cafe Blend will be opening this Friday 17th May from 12:00 with opening activities running through the weekend. 

To help overcome white wall syndrome and because Steve and Linda have created such a beautiful space, I've offered to mount a wee exhibition of mainly local photographic images. (That'll be on display from Saturday - Ansell Adams it ain't - but local it is!)

More about the Cafe Blend story so far at the Cafe Blend website.

Needless to say we're all thrilled at this development and can't wait for the weekend. Bless all who sail in her!



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Is the website down or is it a different address? Congrats to Steve and Linda, very exciting!

Working for me. Anyone else got a problem? 


Working for me now too - thanks!

Great news - we need another decent non-Turkish place around here.

By the way - I had a coffee and croissant at the Pavilion Cafe in Highgate Wood the other day. Long queue for service, and the croissant tasted like an overbaked cheese straw. It makes me so cross when places like that take advantage of the "sitting duck" market to offer high-priced rubbish. Mind you, I believe the last proprietor managed to go bust even so.

Awesome news!


Could we just have the address again, please?

Exciting news!

It's between Allison and Beresford

That makes it sound like NYC!

Big Apple...schmapple - Harringay's clearly where it's at. 

That is a truly epic tale of DIY on your blog. I was excited about coming in for a coffee and a treat, but now I'm equally excited about coming to admire the parquet floor and all the right angles!

Hi Linda and Steve, your cafe does look worth visiting indeed. Can you tell me if the entrance is 'disabled-friendly' ie is there a slope in the entrance for my disability bike to be able to enter like Cafe Lemon has or does it have a step entrance which means that I cannot enter? Please say it has the former.



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