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Dumping huge amounts of rubbish in front patio ?! Can it be complained about to anyone ?

My neighbour - the same lovely people who were running a hairdressing salon for many years in their "house" without planning consent - has emptied the contents of several rooms and piled them 4ft high infront of their house.  Bin bags, old mattresses, furniture, kitchen waste - you name it.

I'm not used to living with people who do this kind of thing - I've read about it in books and seen some examples on TV.

Is there anything "we" (in our street) can do or are they entitled just stockpile their crap like that?

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Good luck with rubbish and the illegal HMOs which are real issue, and an increasing one across London and other major cities not just Haringey. I am sure you have had have practical help and support from people at HoL and also sure that Karen will be very helpful. 

The moral here is to speak up, to ask what can be done. We don't need to suffer in silence. All the best

Well - glad to say that the front garden has now been cleared - I think it was Thursday morning - I saw a van outside and a man clearing all the rubbish.  I had spoken to a woman outside the house a few days before - I thought maybe she didn't know that the council would take away such rubbish and wanted to give her their number.  She was quite aggressive and dismissive and said that it was 'nothing to do with her', not her problem.  That garden has been an eyesore for weeks - so glad you found out how to deal with it Neil as I thought there was nothing we could do - now what about the front garden at No 3 - with the toilet/cistern in the front garden - perhaps the lady councillor could organise enforecement for that front garden too???  Thanks again Neil.

For some reason the council do not collect old  bathroom fittings, even for a fee. I recently replaced my leaking downstairs loo and was told I'd either need to take the old one to the dump myself or call a private waste disposal company.Not sure why this is - health and safety perhaps? Seems a bit short-sighted.

Shortsighted? More like eyes-tight-shut!

I'm not just puzzled, Maddy, but worried that if other people are getting this 'advice' it will increase the - thankfully rare - number of bathroom fittings I've seen dumped. Which of course still end up being collected.

Dumped Commode

Could you please let me know which part of the Council or Veolia you contacted who gave this information? (E.g. was it the Call Centre?) And as far as you can recall, when?

I'm happy to send a councillor's enquiry to get right to the bottom of this.

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)

Actually we live nearby and trust me we are as unhappy about this as you are. It was dumped by our downstairs neighbour (whose tenants are constantly noisy and disrespectful) and I've not only asked him to remove the waste but have also reported it on the council website. I'm embarrassed every time I leave the front door. (We moved here 6 months ago.) As a warning the same neighbour is planning to build an extension this summer and I dread to think what's going to be left out front. I will make another complaint tomorrow. Glad the mattresses have been removed though.

Francesca, do you know if said neighbour have planning permission? You might want to look into that in case they don't. Bet they don't! It does help complaining about this stuff, keep at it. And getting Karen to help is great, she will get things moving.



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