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Delighted to find that a number of tree pits on Duckett Road have been given a makeover

If you are the Duckett Road gardener, know who they are and/or you are interested in taking over the planter in that road which needs a little TLC, the Friends of Harringay Passage Gardening Group would love to hear from you.

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My husband planted the yellow flowers - violas and marigolds - by the two trees in your middle 2 photos. Unfortunately I can't persuade him to do the planter as well as he says he's got too many jobs already (although he's managing to fit in watching the World Cup...)

Could  we change his mind do you think if we offered to come and help with maintenance regularly? 

Sorry Liz, can't persuade him! We do look after the flowers/trees near us and that's all we can manage for now.

Maybe the person who planted the flowers in your bottom photo could be persuaded to do the planter by the passageway. Or otherwise someone else on Duckett Road who lives near the planters/passageway - as for watering and maintenance, it's better if it's someone in that section of Duckett Road. Hopefully someone will as it's lovely to see flowers in the road. I wish people would plant more hedges in their front gardens as well.



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