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I was working outside the cafe on the corner of Crescent Road/Langham Rd today when I witnessed a really horrible incident.  A very drunk, vagrant looking woman with cuts on her face and vomit down her top was asking the man on the next table to me for a cigarette and he got really aggressive with her holding out a chair as if he were taming a lion.  He was at least three times the size of her.  The incident escalated and he kicked her really hard before I intervened and said he did not need to be treating her like that.  A neighbour had also witnessed the incident and came down to assist.  She told him off and tried to get the woman an ambulance, but the woman wandered off in a daze towards Wood Green.   My question is what services should one call in an incident like this?  The cafeteria said she was always around, begging for food etc.  She is clearly in need of some kind of rehab help, before she encounters some serious harm.  Are there any emergency services who would come and take her off the streets for her own safety? I tried calling DASH at St Anns, but there was no answer.

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Yes, how scary for you Sarah.

I think it may well be the same woman.  The first time I saw her she was accompanied by a man who was a bit shouty and then offered to buy her some nail varnish and/ or remover. They were an odd couple but I didn't think too much of it other than noticing the woman's rather odd appearance.

The next couple of incidents I saw was her trying to snatch either food or drink off tables in the bar at the end of Falkland Road, and also trying to steal a can of beer from the shop next door (and offering a few pennies to the shopkeeper when confronted - but still managed to walk off with the beer)

Yes, I believe we may be talking about the same person, seen on West Green Road, she does appear to hold onto things to stop you from going on, she was perpetually asking for a cigarette, I asked some police whom were passing if they knew of her in the area, they said yes and she appears to be making her way to her home, she can be persistent and difficult to walk away from although does not appear to be aggressive.

Simply call 999. If its mental health related issue then the ambulance service  are also contacted and they follow up. I had a situations recently where a guy was throwing himself in front of cars near my home. I called 999 and the police were there in 5 mins.

The lady who also intervened did try to call an ambulance, but the woman had gone.  I will know for next time though.

Sarah that's quite alarming! Perhaps you could report this incident to social services / SNT - trying to steal babies is a bit much and might ensure she gets the care she needs?

I've seen her, or someone matching her description, crying at the playpark by the primary school at the top of Glenwood Rd (John Vianney?)

I called the police at the time and they came to see me but then they had to literally run after someone after an emergency call out at Duckets Common. They said if they saw her they'd arrest her for being drunk and disorderly as I had said I didn't think she was trying to steal my baby she just didnt really know what she was doing. They didn't seem too bothered about the incident to be honest, however I was very shook up.

I agree with FPR. Always call the police at once and explain that you are witnessing the attack. In my experience they usually act pretty promptly in reaction to this kind of incident.

I once saw a man attacking a local working girl late at night - no one was doing a damn thing except watching- we called the police and they were there in seconds and were really good with the girl who was little more than a child.

On another occasion on GL a clearly ill man was flashing at women and yelling abuse at all (again most people seemed to think it was some kind of joke and did nothing), I phoned and the police came at once to find him. 

That's good to know about the police.  I just feel like she is an accident waiting to happen.  

Thanks for the feedback. 

The police also need to be aware of THE MAN - a woman's been physically assaulted, in broad daylight, in a public place. That's completely unacceptable, regardless of who she was or how she looked. By the sounds of it, she wasn't physically threatening him so he was attacking her rather than defending himself.
You don't know the background to this, maybe the man has had dealings with her before but personally I'd rather someone who is obviously intoxicated and covered in vomit to keep their distance; if he was just using the chair for this I'd say thats fair but if he was hitting her or causing her harm thats not acceptable.

In all cases like this think of yourself first (the man may turn on you) and call the police.



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