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Drink Milk Campaign Launched as Thousands of Litres of Milk Binned - Get Doorstep Delivery

The government has launched a £1m drink milk campaign to aid ailing dairy farmers during lockdown after they had to bin thousands of litres of milk.

The campaign will appear on social media, digital and, for the first time in more than a decade, on television.

Of course, a great way to get milk in Harringay is on your doorstep. I've been getting my milk from Moreton Dairy for the past decade. And, yes it's a wee bit more expensive. But I swear the milk tastes better and there's something very nice about getting milk delivered to your doorstep.

I think all of Harringay is covered by Sam Tadgell at Moreton. You can contact him at:

mail: sam@moretondairy.com

Tel: 079 0479 5559

The main Moreton Dairy website is www.moretondairy.co.uk.

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We too have been getting our twice weekly milk deliveries from Moreton's for as far back as I can remember - it was certainly some time in the last century they started delivering to us! The bottles are left on the doorstep at some unearthly hour in the night (2? 3? 4am?) and are still ice cold when I take them in later in the morning. And the milk tastes great too.

This year, payments have gone fully online at last and Sam has an email address - no more writing out monthly cheques and leaving them in an envelope stuffed into a bottle! Now, what can I use my cheque book for?

We use Moreton's too, agree with all the above. Milk is very creamy and great in coffee. We moved over to delivery to cut out plastics and wouldn't go back to supermarket milk now...

Any hints as to the price? I don't see it on their site. 

Just ask Sam for a quote and days for delivery, he responds pretty fast.

I pay 85p per pint

Thanks, Hugh. Seems reasonable!

Yes, so do I

Just had my first delivery up in Yorkshire.  Had to wait a while to get on the list because of a shortage of bottles.  Seems some people were putting in the glass recycling.  May be obvious but please leave empty washed bottles outside for the milkman to collect and reuse.

They dropped off this updated product/price list a couple of weeks ago. Great service and joined up a couple of my elderly neighbours for home deliveries at start of lockdown. 

Joke is Supermarkets are having supply issues. Milk and cheese supplies

Read that its not easy for others suppliers to get into Supermarket supplies that easy

Will ease with Fast Food stores opening Take away again

Do remember daily milk deliveries

Believe price and thefts killed it off for many



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