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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Almost every night, normally around 2-3am over where I live.


There is no way any criminals needs chasing around on such regular basis around the same time middle of the night and I thought there were some rules about "exercises" for Police helicopters so why????

Anyone knows?

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It may not be a police helicopter Anka. 

Just guessing, but it could be a commercial helicopter doing a regular run back to base.

" a commercial helicopter doing a regular run back to base"

What going round and round for over an hour?

Saturday just gone was very hot and I found it very difficult to sleep, eventually I dozed off only to have the sleep shattered about 2am by a police helicopter going round and round over FP, Harringay, South T'ham for over an hour.  For why?

Thanks for the link.  

According to the article the police were called at 23.30 on the Saturday evening, however the police helicopter doesn't appear on the scene until about 02.00 i.e. 2 ½ hours later.

As a local council tax payer etc., etc. I would like to know why the police thought that it would be useful to have the helicopter going round and round for an hour. What did this achieve?  Did this action catch any villains? or was it just window dressing i.e. the powers that be reduce police numbers on the ground, but retain the helicopters - so that the police are no longer pro-active i.e. walking the beat etc. but are reactive waiting for incidents to happen before rushing out in their cars and helicopters to deal with the trouble.

As an aside, I find it a bit ironic that the issue on Woodberry Downs seems to have been centered around people having a loud party whilst down the road in Finsbury Park, Haringey Council are encouraging event promoters to make as much noise as they want.

If it's a single slow fly-by, rather than repeated circling, it may be the Network Rail helicopter checking the Kings Cross - Alexandra Palace line overhead wiring for faults, using a thermal camera. I'd think you'd hear that given you've indicated your approximate location elsewhere.

Believe they Only operate in Daylight Hours. Aware that other times would cause public upset 

Anka, they're onto you. You may run but you can't hide.

Stupid response to serious question.

Every time Finsbury Park has a weekend festival on practically all through the summer they have a helicopter out every night  watching the crowd leave , there was also a bad party bust up on Woodberry down estate N4 the other night the helicopter was out lots that night as it all kicked off . 

I am on Haringay green lanes by the start of Fins Park and they have been making both my husband and I wake up in the night with the noise of it ! It’s very loud , it takes a lot to wake me up .

I suggest he best way to get an answer would be to go to one of the police/public information sessions that are published on HOL from time to time and ask there.

No idea

but I would suggest wearing earplugs, worn them for years, shuts out noise like this but you will still hear loud noises like kids crying etc if need be

Wrong earplugs then

i worked as a night nurse for years and had to sleep when frequently there was building work-in the flat or next door

i could write reviews on best earplugs



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