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Is there enough water in it for immersive theatre ?

I like the London Open House idea, I suggested the same thing on another thread for the New River Path. Can we make it a hat-trick of Hidden Harringay Gems?

Can the council rent it to organisers of Wireless? Then we wouldn't be subjected to all that noise and inconvenience as it would be 'contained'! Just kidding ...;-)

I can hear a zither.

OMG, that's stunning! Anyone know where in the park this is? If it's where they hold the concerts with the huge crowds and the water board has closed it 'because of fears of a collapsing roof' (as the website link mentions) then ... arh, I see there you might be going with this Clive. Have 'the friends' had a tour?
Good for film shoots, Prodigy with Firestarter comes to mind.

Check the "hornsey wood reservoir" tag I added, Matt. This will take you to a discussion and more pictures on this added last year. Location is pinpointed there. If it's not on that thread, there's an even older post somewhere, but I couldn't find it quickly.

Where are the pics Hugh? Can't find them. My associate and I've already had a meeting with Thames Water to open it to public. I haven't seen it though.

Some on Clive's link in his orignal post at the top of this page. Some here (and others via the link Mztthew added above those photos).

Hasn't the roof since been repaired? I remember in the recent past that whole (above ground) area was fenced off, though it isn't any longer. One would therefore hope it's safe to take the weight of people!

Japan built an enormous underground structure as part of its flood mitigation / prevention measures for Greater Tokyo. It has been used for film shoots.

I've never been there, but photographs are often amazing.

Do you know, Clive, if issues of climate change and potential urban flooding have been carefully considered in future plans for Finsbury Park Reservoir?

Thanks Hugh, missed David's post on this. The Victorians were so ingenious & industrious, laying the solid foundations for this country that are still relied upon in many ways.

There's clearly an affinity between Lib Dem Councillors and undergroud caverns/reservoirs.



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