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Further to my post over two weeks ago, Taco House will be up and running soon (apparently).

In the meantime, we have the answer as to what is going to happen with those unusual seating pods.... and an Instagram account - instagram.com/thetacohouseldn

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It's nice to see a young local starting a business but that layout is plainly dangerous. I do hope he reconsiders it before someone gets hurt.

I agree Hugh - Its so good to have something different - lets give it a go and see how things evolve 


Yikes, though I reckon a young clientele might love it. 

It's a shame those ambulance chasing lawyers across the road just moved. They'd have made a killing from this place. 

Very Japanese. Or is it Nordic? Who knows, it's a lot of timber.

Apart from the ladder issues, do consider the view the lower patrons will have, given the slatted beams. 

I think it’s clever use of a small space to maximise potential covers. Jams on Kings Rd in Chelsea has been running for 50 years and has this seating option. It’s the customers preference where you want uk sit. It’s a fun alternative but if you’re more reserved or not as dexterous, you can just sit on the lower level. 

Nice to have something new and a bit unusual opening up. 

It's a sad reflection of this country that immediately something innovative is revealed people's first reaction is to say why it won't work rather than how it will.  It's nice to read the one or two positive posts though.

Exactly! People complain about the lack of diversity in Green Lane eateries, then something new like this comes up and gets slammed anyway!

I'll be curious to try, French Tacos sound a bit weird, but I'll give it a go!

Innovation is nice, just less nice when it comes at the cost of accessibility. 

On the pic it looks like there is plenty of space for wheelchair users to sit at the end of the tables at the bottom? 



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