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Dog friendly businesses? List of shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and others that welcome well-behaved dogs on leads

Desperate to find more places I can go and take my dog with me. I would love to shop, socialise and eat out more in Haringey, without having to leave my best mate at home or pay for a dog sitter.

Can you list any more places we can go inside with well-behaved doga on leads? It’s Winter we don’t really want to sit outside 

These are the ones I know:

Five a Day, grocery shop

Park View Cafe

Salisbury Pub

New River Studios Bar

Jam in a Jar, bar and restaurant 

(and my place Arena Aerial Circus school)

Not officially but by arrangement also:

Nails Co, manicure place

Tanning Point

Mezzo Tavern, restaurant covered beer garden 

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Great idea, I'd like to know too.

The only place I can think of is Bobs in Muswell Hill which is dog friendly, but I know that's not local local.

It totally depends on your dog's behaviour/demeanour but Harringay Local Store and Durazzo let some dogs in.

Blend cafe 

I’ve seen dogs in Snug

So ... looks like Harringay pubs/cafes are pretty good with chilled out dogs. Harringay ... 'dog friendly zooone'

Yes, but one thing I really hate about around here, and it's worse at Ally Pally or Shepherd's Cot, is the people who walk their very aggressive dogs off the lead. So if you're walking your dog on the lead and then they're attacked by some dog off the lead... vet bill!

Very annoying and irresponsible 

Oooooh You are awful :)

Posh Pets on Lordship Lane

Circus coffee and Riley's Ice Cream (which do more than Ice Cream obvs) in Crouch End. They both have dog water bowels. 

Dog water bowels? I wondered how they were dealing with the problem of dog poo on the pavements in Crouch End. What a simple measure, why didn't we think of that. Get your dog's large intestine shrunk down and they can just excrete shitty water. You'd just need to provide dog water bowls as well because they would get very dehydrated. Oh... wait...

These are great keep em coming! Anyone fancy getting together for a crawl?  Or I could happily do you each day over the Xmas break 



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