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I'm fairly new to the area, and have just started doing the school run so I'm sure this isn't a new topic but 'OMG' the passageway is disgusting! There's so much dog faeces it's like Mission Impossible getting my child to school without getting covered in it.

The strange thing is there are so few dog owners in this area, and I rarely see anyone with dogs in the passgeway.

Clearly the fouling is being done by a few, and probably late at night or early in the morning.

I've reported it to the council a few times, but can anything else be done?

Have there been successful campaigns to clear up in the past?

I'm happy to spend some time on this issue, but not sure where to start beyond the faceless (and so far responseless) council website...

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It certainly has been an issue for some time. It was an issue when I moved out of the Ladder 22 years ago. Even then you had to watch the ground very carefully so that you could step over and not into the various piles of steaming dog poop cluttering the passage. I doubt that it'll be cleared up until people change their habits, so keep your eyes on the ground for the time being.

I can second this experience sadly and so I avoid taking the dog down the passage now.  The irony is I would gladly give away pop bags to anyone that needed them and I often pick up other peoples crap because I hate to see it lying there just as much as the next person. That seems the simplest solution to me, carry a sandwich bag and pick some up, if we all did there wouldn't be any left.

As a completely non-dog owner who has never had to scoop poop, I couldn't think of anything less appealing than scooping other people's dog's poop!

blablabla. This is a problem. And no one can be bothered to do anything about it, least of all the council. This has been going on for years. The promise of fining dog owners is a complete joke. It's just depressing.

I thought back in May the council changed to start cleaning the passage daily, since then it did seem cleaner to me. Does anyone know if the daily cleaning is still happening? 



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