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We have had a great clearout of rubbish from our cellar and an old, fallen down shed, all of which is now in our front garden!  I would like someone with a pick-up to collect it and take it to the tip but don't want a con-man who will dump it round the corner!  I've heard these people are supposed to be licensed, or accredited (???).  Can anyone recommend someone please?

Many thanks


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Hi there, 

I can't recommend anyone but I'm sure you can find someone on yell.com.  They need a waste carrying license I think.

Hiring a skip could be another option.


There are loads of legit companies on the internet, to many to mention, but they are not cheap.

I used a company called anyjunk.com. They come and collect your rubbish and thow it away. They weren't cheap but they were professional. They give you a time slot and then come and take your rubbish away in their van. The cost is determined by the weight of the items they get rid of.

Thanks - I will try these too and see which one hits the spot!

Thanks - I will give them a call.

From Twitter:

Hi, I've just rennovated a flat and I used Killengrey and Sons. Seemed the most professional from the ones I contacted, been around years, and are registered with the Environment Agency. Charged £100 for a small front yard's worth of rubbish clearance. They're based in Enfield.



I have been using John on 07831373257 for years. He is a straightforward guy and will give you a price over the phone.

I've been looking for a company too and it's been insanely expensive. Had a quote today for 500 pounds to take away a few cubic meters of shrub and shed we pulled down.

We did some of it ourselves by hiring a van and taking it to the tip, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you're up for a big job. It took a huge amount of time, about four times longer than we expected, so the van didn't turn out to be a cheap option at all. Plus, be aware you have to book a slot for the van to arrive at the tip, giving 24 hours notice (and when we arrived we had to beg and plead to be let in because our van was bigger than they expected).  Once you're at the tip, you have to sort all the rubbish and put it in individually marked skips (garden waste, general rubble, cardboard, etc) which are all up a flight of stairs. Anyway, don't mean to complain, just ... it was a lot harder than I expected so think it through if you're considering doing it yourself.

I'm going to contact John and Killengrey and Sons! Thanks so much for the recommendations!

Hi all, just a quick update in case anyone is interested. Called Killengrey and Sons, who came around within the hour to look at what we had an give an accurate quote. It was 260 for a whole lorry's worth of stuff (I think it was a 2 ton truck?), with two guys to do the work, and he was able to do it the very next day which was fantastic.  They were fast in loading it all. We also got a Controlled Waste Transfer Note from them, which guarantees that they won't dump it round the corner or anything. 

My only complaint is that they didn't exactly pick up everything we asked them to. They left a mess through the backyard, random bits of garden waste and metal not picked up. I didn't realise until they'd driven off and I'd expect for that amount of money that they'd take the time to finish up properly. Not that big a deal, but if you use them, I suggest you keep a closer eye than I did. 



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