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Oh dear, dropped the iphone down a flight of stairs and shattered the screen. I know there are places down town that fix it on the spot for £79 and upwards, wondering if anyone knew of anywhere nearby that might be cheaper? Haven't found anything worthwhile googling. 

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what iPhone have you got and how long would you be able to wait for delivery and replacement?

I've got an iphone 4. Of course I don't want to wait long, but pending a good price.... I could be convinced. 

next door to Tesco on Stroud Green Rd. Internet cafe. Much less than £79

more exact price?

and on the other side of the iphone there a serial number starting with letter A 

what numbers are after?


thanks Marek, gosh wish I trusted myself to buy the kit and fix it but reckon that might not be the best idea I'm a klutz! 

check the price in other shop and if still no satisfied let me know

ooh sounds good louise! thanks will check it out

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Jeremy Green I'd ask Mr Nouman at Muswell Hill Laptop and Mobile shop (based in the launderette) to give you a quote. 078 050 1468 Best, Jezza

Wow Jezza, didn't even know there was one and that's around the corner, brilliant, will do. 

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