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I’m after some Perspex - A3 size or smaller. Does anyone happen to have a piece going spare that I could have, or know where I could but done locally? Many thanks!

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Hiya Alison, I have some sheets of corrugated clear plastic which are used as cloches when bent into wire frames.  You would be welcome to have one of these if it suits your needs.

Thanks so much Dick but I should have said I’m after flat Perspex - it’s for a printing project (to use as a base for the ink). 

I got some cut to size from here a while back


It was good

Thanks very much, really helpful. 

I have some I'm close to the The Salisbury Hotel (Harringay) on green lanes

Hi Alison, I've got a length of clear perspex, 218 x 1500 bought but then not used for a DIY project. Yours if you'd like it!



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