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Does anyone know where i might be able to get a load of paperwork securely shredded ? I did have a look around on google but nothing obvious stuck out.

Thanks in advance.

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There seem to be lots of shredding services when I googled - in the end just ground on with own shredder

was one near Ikea Tottenham - sorry cant find the details but this may prod someones memory! Hope you find something

Thanks. Will have another look!

If you can get your stuff to Stanmore, Total Shred offer a 'drive-thru' service on one Saturday a month. 

Total Shred Ltd, Devonshire House, 582 Honeypot Lane, Stanmore HA7 1JS


You'll need to phone them for details on 0800 298 4009

A cool. Thanks!

In my previous job we used a sack service where you filled sacks and then they were collected - like this (although I can’t vouch for the specific org) https://www.homeshreduk.co.uk/home-paper-shredding




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