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Hi there,

I'm new to the country and looking for a GP in and around Harringay area. Does anyone have a doctor that they would recommend? I'd really like to find a good one right away instead of having to bounce around. Any help is much appreciated! 

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I'd steer clear of Bridge House medical centre on Umfreville Rd - no appointments ever.

Dr akunjee west green road

The doctors at Bridge House Umfreville Road are really good (we have been patients since 1996, with the same GP) but it is increasingly difficult to get appointments. Its particularly difficult if you are working because almost the only way to get one is to call at 8.30am and then wait for a doctor to call you back, which could be as late as 10.30am/11am. Having chatted with you they decide if you need to come to the surgery so even that isn't a sure fire way of getting an appointment. Its a difficult situation.

I agree with Adam - I would stay away from Bridge House. 

Has anyone reported this practice?   What is so good about this practice that patients cannot get an appointment.

When I spoke to the receptionist she said that they have had to absorb huge numbers of patients from practices that have closed (which were being run as one man bands). This has only added to the pressure of a very high patient list.

When I was with them I complained many times but nothing ever improved which is why I left finally. 

If you're prepared to look slightly beyond Harringay and are in catchment check out the Heron Practice at the John Scott Health Centre, Green Lanes, a little bit south of Manor House tube. We've been with them for about 18 years and the doctors are great. Haven't had to get an appointment for a while so can't give the current lowdown on that, and also because they're over the border in Hackney referrals will generally be to the Homerton.  We used to live round the corner and stuck with them when we moved to Harringay because we liked the practice. I've heard good things about the Cedar Practice too which is in the same building.

if I may give a different perspective to Tessa, Ive been with Heron Practice since 2013 and I am looking to change as the standard of care in my experience has been unprofessional and at times incompetent.  My experience was that bad I am currently taking a complaint to the ombudsman

I would recommend Lawrence House surgery on Philip Lane. They are taking new people on and I have been with them for 35 years at least. Nice caring Dr. and nurses.

You may not be aware Kirsten, but your choice of GP is limited by your postcode, because the idea is that should you be unwell, you should still be close enough to the practice that you can walk there, if you can walk, and so you will usually have about 3 or 4 practices whose "catchment area"you come into. So without your postcode it's impossible to advise you. Also GPs are currently experiencing a recruitment crisis and are closing down all over the place for other reasons, so waiting lists are universally much longer than they have been, and 2-3 weeks is becoming the norm. Please bear in mind that not all GPs which would accept you based on your postcode will have the capacity to accept new patients,too. You've come to the UK at a difficult time for the NHS due essentially to lack of funding. If you want an essay on sexual health services, which have just closed in Haringey for anyone agreed over 25,I can fill you in ;-).

Excellent explanation which I, of course, did not even consider in my reply!! Far more helpful than has been offered previously.



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