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Do you REALLY want to help the Homeless? Become a Community Host in Haringey

In a little publicised initiative, Haringey Council are partnering with the St Mungo's Charity to facilitate local people to host a homeless person in their own home.

St Mungo's say that carefully manage the process, checking hosts for suitability and hostees for potential risks they may pose to hosts. As a result, the charity say, only low risk inidivudals are accepted into the scheme as hostees.

An arrangement can last either for less than a month or more. 

In their guidance, St Mungo clearly spell out the purpose of the scheme and the role of a host:

The principal aim of Community Hosting is to provide accommodation for those who are homeless or are about to become homeless and need somewhere to stay whilst we establish their long term accommodation needs.

There is no expectation that a host will become involved in helping a guest with their housing situation.

I take my hat off to anyone who offers support under the scheme. 

A copy of the St Mungo's guide to the scheme is attached.

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The curse of Friday 13th?

Apologies - it seems to be a feature of the latest file manger on a Mac that after clicking on the file you want to attach, it skips to the last file you'd actioned. I haven't yet got in the habit of double-checking. Another step into Apple's promised land.

Now corrected.

Be careful.  St Mungo's have an agreement with the Home Office to hand over details of any undocumented (& possibly documented) migrants, who can then be deported.  Haringey shouldn't have anything to do with them.



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