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He has been coming in my flat and hanging around my garden for a few weeks. My cats are so upset and had a £70 vet bill last week as my girl ended up with cystitis. I  cant get near him but be looks well enough. I taken the waterpistal  to him now when ever I see him, last resort but even that doesn't  stop him.

I started using my magnetic cat flap. But that hasn't worked as my stupid boy gets in a panic out there when be is around and can't get in. Locked my cats in over Easter and came back to a broken cat flap. I'm assuming between them bashing it when confronted with the other cat other side of it.

Any ideas? 

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It's this cat. Looks like the cat needs help as been roaming for a while. Please can someone get the cat inside and then take the cat to a vet to scan to see if microchipped and see if cat needs neutering. You will see that Stokey Cats & Dogs have also offered to help and foster the cat. Hope your cats are ok.

That is really helpful Justine. That is def same cat as the one others have seen. Not sure about it being the lost cat but certainly very similar. Clearly lost then so will make friends with him. I did feed him once to see how hungry he was but he only ate half before running off so didn't seem starved.

I wish my cats could be a little bit more sociable but they totally hate other cats

Hallo Tigha

You can cure your cat of cystitis without going to the vet, although there may well be cries of dissent at this. Get the same cure women use from the chemist and make up the same proportion of water and powder. Use a small pipette and give your cat the liquid in the pipette three times a day. My cat, now thirteen years old, has been cured in three days, twice. Too much dried food can cause cystitis.

Thanks valarie

 that is really helpful. When the vet only gave metacam and tablets for stress, I figured I didn’t need to take her if it happens again. Doh

very different if it’s a male cat which is potentially fatal

Thanks for pointing that out Tigha.  My old boy had an attack and ended up seriously ill (saline drip, antibiotics, pain relief and in the vets for 3 days). It’s seems to be more serious in male cats as they have a much narrower urinary tract.  When I rang the vet about if they said it should be treated as a medical emergency in toms. 

Yes it’s all about the male anatomy compared to female. Same for humans

when my boy started peeing blood stained urine few years back, vet said to be seem immediately

Interesting information being shared. I did not know the difference re male/female cystitis.

Recently one of my cats was being sick fairly often so I took her to the vet, but instead of the vet mentioning that cats are often sick to bring up fur-balls, she charged me £90 for a blood test, which proved negative. I then realised that she had been eating grass to make herself sick to bring up the fur-balls. I know we need the vet sometimes, but it also helps to remember that the way our animals bodies work is not so different from our own.

Time to consider changing vet perhaps?

On the other hand, one of my cats has a thyroid problem (common with ageing cats) and needs daily medication which has to be adjusted regularly as her thyroid levels change.  One of the indicators when things aren't quite right with her is that she is sick more frequently.  So, while it would have been helpful if the vet had brought up the subject of throwing up hairballs, perhaps they weren't aware that you weren't aware.



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