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I am running the plant stall at South Harringay School's summer fair on the 9th of July. I would really appreciate any plant donations that you may have, either for the garden or house plants. So if you have an excess of seedlings, something that needs dividing or even some spare seeds that you are unlikely to plant then please get in touch by sending me a friend request so I can arrange collection.

We had a spectacular stall last time we had a fair in 2019 (see picture) and we would love to get close to this again. So if you can't donate remember you can always come along and buy! All money raised goes back to our school.

12noon to 4pm 

Saturday 9 July 

South Harringay School Playground, Mattison Road.

Thank you!

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Havent any plants - sorry - but just to say the plants I bought from you are still flourishing (and I have paraquat fingers)

That's great to hear! (Not about your toxic fingers but the flourishing things!). I know I'll have a bunch of cosmos this year which I find thrive despite any efforts to kill them so stock up on them this year!

Love Cosmos - but so do our garden slugs alas!

Cut the bottom off a flowerpot, or top and bottom off a plastic drinks bottle, put a ring of proper copper tape round it (I use this stuff) and that will stop 99% of gastropods. Occasionally you get a breakthrough, but by and large its pretty good. I've grown my cosmos from seed this year and so far not a single one has been touched. Hostas safe (with one break though). Dahlias all good. 

Many thanks - will do that!

I have an olive tree in a bushy state in a pot, but it is heavy and would have to be collected.

I have to give my email address as HOL is not using my current email address, owing, I think to some technical problem.


Ooh cheers Valerie! I'll drop you an email.

Hi Valerie, I've just noticed this comment.

If the email address you've given above is correct, then the one you added to your profile is incorrect. In the one stored in your profile, the first two components are reversed in comparison to the one shown above.

You can correct this yourself by following the steps in this help screen (but, obviously instead of going to the name field, choose the email field).

If you're not confident in doing that, email me with your login password and I can change it for you (I'm pretty sure you have the email address from previous exchanges, but if not, you can get me at hugh@harringayonline.com).

By, the way, I don't recommend the sharing personal contact info on any public website. If you like, I can delete your password from the comment above.

I have some Pilea (Chinese money plant) cuttings that need a good home and can pot up some Mexican hat plant babies too. 

That’s excellent. Thank you! I’ll send a friend request. 

I have an acer in a pot that needs planting out in someone's garden.

That would be amazing. I’ll send you a connection request. Thanks! 



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