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I have one coming daytime and 2-3 coming every night.

Sometimes he (she?) just "hangs around" with my 4 cats in the garden, sunbathing with them which is hilarious to watch as they just totally accept the existence of the fox and are completely chilled, so is the fox.

Photo of my "daytime fox" below.

Do you have foxes visiting your garden?


Even my dog is not overreacting:

Last summer - same fox I think

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I have nightly fox visits too, but my next door neighbours dogs are far from receptive to their presence and I think that means they remain wilder and less tame, certainly in my patch anyway. 

I appear to have an older dog fox, who is a bit mangy and cranky, with two much prettier younger individuals who are timid but not aggressive like the old boy.

The dog fox has a rather strange love of peanuts.  He waits until we fill the bird feeders and then runs in for any spilled peanuts on the ground the second we are far enough away. 

I suspect it is also him that steals shoes.  Many a flip-flop or croc has ended up in bits at the far end of the garden.

We used to get regular fox visits. Sometimes quite up close and personal.

I think we were on a fox highway. We're only a couple of houses away from the New River and there used to be a small gap at the end of the fence: it created a great through-route.

After years of Manor Properties refusing to maintain their fence, the hole got bigger. After we had a burglary with entry gained through the gap in the fence, we bit the bullet and replaced it ourselves. There then followed a short period of us vs fox as they tried to recreate their highway by burying under the new fence. It wasn't long till they gave up and we haven't seen them since.

As much as I love nature, I have to admit that I'm all sorry to seem them gone. They can be very bold and very mischievous. We had one that managed to drain our pond a few times. (We have one smaller pond above the main one and the water circulates between them. Some years back I had some work done which led to the copper pipe feeding water to the smaller pond ending up as too short. As an interim measure I stuck a bit of hosepipe on the end so it reached the pond again. One fox loved to rip that off. If we didn't notice, the pond would get drained).

Like Antoinette, we also lost a number of shoes.

Adorable but can be very pesky. 

I found a chewed recyclable food bag in my garden yesterday morning. So, perhaps they do still visit.

She won't be so friendly with the cats when she has cubs  

Interesting to read in that article you link to that foxes only colonised our cities as recently as 1930. 

They probably were in very small numbers, but not in the density they are now. I think I read that the urban fox is a UK specific thing, certainly in Europe. 

I have the same issue. I don't have a problem with foxes, but I do have a problem with having a garden that has to have a full poo patrol before my children can go out to play. At least the cats bury their gifts rather than doing protest poos when we move something into their usual route.

We have also witnessed a cat attack, although the cat managed to escape up a tree. 

No-where near as frequent as you but we do. Usually on a night and they make loads of noise. My son thinks they are probably mating when we get woken-up by them...they are very loud!

Fox cubs in my garden.

A family of foxes lives under the little shed in next door's garden. As a keen gardener it's a continuous battle for me to keep them out of my garden despite 6 foot fences all round (no problem for a fox). They dig, trample, flatten, knock over pots, litter (we have had nappies, chewed children's toys and all sorts deposited), foul and generally cause mayhem. Been here 10 years and the problem has got worse in the last 2-3 years, due to neglect in neighbours' gardens, creating an ideal place for them.

I have put kebab sticks pointing upwards all over the beds I don't want them to walk on (except I keep spiking myself when gardening!) and wire netting pinned down over parts of the flower beds where they like to dig. I have put rigid plastic netting with spikes on one side over parts of the fence they were getting through.

Cute though the cubs may be (usually 2 a year), I have no fondness for them in my garden. Having said that, they do seem to keep rats away - we don't have any despite living close to a lot of fast food outlets.

I might just try the motion-activated spray deterrent :-)

We often have foxes in our garden, or passing through.

I have to say, I find them a real pain, as they dig holes in the lawn, crap in the garden and damage fences by burrowing underneath to create pathways.

There are too many of them, and I wish the Council could do something.

I know what you mean, Peter. Yes, they're adorable, but they also can be a nuisance too (see my comment above).



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