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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Apparently this Sustrans movement is coming to haringey in a borough wide initiative.

Anyone heard anything?

Would love it if they came to the ladder.

here's a project film from Clapton Terrace

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Morning, the physical area for the Turnpike Lane project was selected by the borough based on their traffic surveys and resident feedback. Should this project prove successful - and I have every confidence that it will - then the DIY Streets model could potentially be implemented, as funds allow, into other areas.
Thank you Ben. That is interesting. So the Council chose the area. The surveys and the resident feedback sounds interesting. Do you know who at the Council I can contact to find out more?
I think the 'ladder area' would be a tough area to crack , no? It's cut through city.
Well the thing that is interesting about Turnpike Lane being "chosen" is that there is no right hand turn into the enormous car park that is behind Hornsey Park Rd and it's something I'm hinting at anyone in the council who will listen, to implement. Someone there is playing funny buggers with us again. The ladder, nay the gardens, would be a much better/cheaper spot. Turnpike Lane is a blimin' A road guys! Yet again we have the wool pulled over our eyes. This means MORE traffic for the ladder.

Does anyone know of any A-roads in London that are not red routes at rush hour other than Turnpike Lane? I know some of you might think Green Lanes is not a red route at rush hour but this is because it's not enforced properly.
Hi John,

Are you concerned that the DIY Streets project, which is taking place within the residential neighbourhood south east of Turnpike Lane tube - not Turnpike Lane itself - will negatively impact the Ladder area?

Why is it called Turnpike Lane then? That's West Green. I think the historical name is Beane's Green.

I really thought this was being done ON Turnpike Lane (a road which stops before it hits the station). Turnpike Lane is a bad name for your project if it's not actually on Turnpike Lane.
Beanes' Green was also the name of the green in what is now Harringay. Had a hamlet developed around it before the builders and estate agents got here, this area would no doubt have taken its name after the green as did many others around here.

And, John, leave the man alone. Does it really matter that much what the project's called?
Hi John,

In an earlier post on this forum - 12th Aug - I detailed which residential roads are included in the scheme and provided a link to the blog which has a map and further detail regarding the project.

Thanks for your feedback regarding the name of the project. West Green encompasses a larger area and we didn't want to get it confused with the ward. I wasn't aware that the historical name for the neighbourhood in question was Beane's Green - I will look into it. However, your comment regarding the confusion surrounding the name is the first that I have come across.

Unfortunately, when a project - such as this - is implemented there are going to be surrounding neighbourhoods which believe that they have unfairly missed out. We hope that residents living outside the neighbourhood can get involved positively with the project with the hope that LBH will then implement additional schemes within the borough.

If you have any further questions or suggestions feel free to email me at ben.addy@sustrans.org.uk


Pursued an enquiry with the sustainable transport team at the council about the liklihood of the scheme getting extended if successful. I got a reply back this morning from the Project Engineer for the Turnpike Lane scheme:

"Thank you for your enquiry sent on the 19th August 2010 regarding future DIY Streets schemes in Haringey Council.

This is a pilot scheme for the borough and, subject to its success; it is likely that we will deliver future Neighbourhood schemes using this approach

No mention of the spending review of course, during which period i'd expect schemes like these to be some of the first to fall of the list. But encouraging nonetheless
No, it's not encouraging. I have seen no evidence that it is based on any objective assessment of need. This is a top down initiative with a bit of community engagement bolted on.

Nobody has ever asked us about the traffic issues on my road, which is a shame because 90% of it is people cutting through to avoid the trafic lights at the belmont road/west green junction. This could be solved by 6 no entry signs, which would transform the area from a rat run into a residential street. It would also stop it from being so attractive to the fly tippers.

There's no possibility or point in making representation on this because the decision had already been made before the consultation took place.

Does anyone know whether the 'make a difference' grants would pay for it?
A parent in Willow Walk did sacrifice her young child a couple of years ago by allowing it to play in the street. I'm certainly not objecting to THAT area being the pilot. As Ben said, somewhere has to be.



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