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DIY Streets: How locals transformed rat runs into public spaces

Interesting article about DIY street calming

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A clever solution without house-rattling speed bumps. Wightman road perhaps?
Except that Clapton Tce is a little side road, (?) one third the length of a Ladder rung road, probably one tenth the length of Wightman Road and certainly not part of a through traffic B road. Not the sort of measures that would have any effect on Clapton Upper & Lower Road alongside.

I think the proposed Wightman raised tables and flat-topped humps will be much less house-rattling than the existing speed bumps on the rung roads. Combined with frequent slow road markings and (preferably several rather than just one) vehicle activated 'slow down' 20mph signs, they should have the desired effect.Perhaps from time to time over the first year Wightman Road residents should patrol the road and 'man' the controlled and uncontrolled crossings with large warning placards and hand-held speed guns.
This may not be something that could be used for a major road but it is always great when people share good ideas they have seen on the net on the site. It may just inspire someone somewhere. I'll add it to our pool of local ideas
'DIY Streets' is more than likely to be coming to Haringey in 2010, but nor our area I'm afraid.

One of the main themes of DIY Streets is removal of parking spaces. It would be interesting to know how many people on Harringayonline would vote for this on their own road?
Images of DIY street in Hackney: http://www.flickr.com/photos/claptonterrace/
i think that is more of a wish list rather than what has been installed

here is a video of what they wanted to achieve
Oh! I like those seats from Barcelona. I want one for the park. :)
Our new bench is not that different to that!!



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