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Walking to the station early one morning this week I noticed a man on the basketball court in Ducketts Common. He was facing me and urinating in full view ON the court. Even when I looked at him he didn't make a move to hide himself at all. At first I thought he was exposing himself to me. I swear that I see at least 2 men a week urinating in plain sight in that park.
What is wrong with these disgusting people? In what part of the world is this OK to do with other people and children walking by? I just wish I could do something when I see it.

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I've seen someone also peeing on the street. Not good. Makes you wonder what the world is coming to...

It's true that a very large number of men (and, less frequently, women) seem to have embraced the idea of Duckett's Common as a latrine.

New public toilets needed?

Also there are public toilets on Langham Road as part of the bus station (not listed by Haringey).

As for discouragement, perhaps the anti-littering wardens have it on their list of to-dos?

That's if they are allowed to. 

New public toilets - filed under The Aerodynamics of Pork, judging by this from Haringey's web page on 'Fantastic Toilets and Where to Find Them' -

Understanding the service

There are many challenges facing us in providing public toilets, such as:

  • There is no legal requirement for local authorities to provide public toilets, so there is no government funding set aside for it. This means that we have to find the money from elsewhere and other services may be more of a priority.
  • Vandalism and graffiti happen regularly and are a huge drain on resources. This is the reason why many public toilets have been closed. There are other forms of anti-social behaviour, which threaten the safety of genuine visitors to public toilets, and solutions are very difficult and / or expensive to provide.

Frequently see men peeing on my street, by the doctor's surgery car park. I always make some sort of disapproving comment but they don't care. Also, getting your penis out in public can be misconstrued, as the poster suggests, and adds to the threatening environment for everyone. It's not legal, but unless the police see it happening they can't prove who left the puddle of urine.

It's is gross. Worse I have seen is a guy peeing in broad daylight outside seven sister station up against a wall. It's almost like these men see it as some sort of right of passage. Have penis, will pee where I like!! I know up NORTH the police did a stint of catching the culprits and giving them a choice of cleaning where they just urinated or paying an on the spot fine. Surely if it's an income stream Harringey council would be up for piloting it...

Income stream... Incoming stream more like!! I had to smile at that one!!

Good idea Emma. I am fed up of having to live in such a filthy environment because scum like this are allowed to get away with it. If the council spotted a way of making money maybe they would take this up

I agree, it's gross especially when young children are around.  Just a suggestion - how about photographing it on your phone when you see it and emailing it to the police?

Yes, I was thinking of doing that.
One could always take matters into one's own hands...




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