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I will declare that I fully support the wider implementation of Contolled Parking Zones (CPZs) but I was amazed to read that at a recent Cabinet meeting, the Leader of Haringey Council, Cllr Claire Kober (Labour/Seven Sisters) approved the plans for an extension to the Wood Green CPZ  without asking for a show of hands from her Cabinet peers.

This led to un-rest from some of the assembled residents.

From the Haringey Independent:

"The cabinet meeting was disrupted up to an hour, while councillors Claire Kober, John Bevan, Nilgun Canver, Lorna Reith, Dhiren Basu and Kaushika Amin, walked out, leaving council officers to try and appease the seething group."

Full story here

Can any of our politicians advise if the Leader not requesting a vote on this issue, goes against protocol?


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From the article you linked to

The Woodside CPZ has divided residents. Some have asked for the CPZ to combat commuters parking on their roads, but others in the area, say they simply cannot afford to pay for a resident parking permit or visitor parking.

Being unable to pay is not a credible objection if you can afford to run a car.
John: what about those of us who can only just afford to run a car? Residents' parking permits and the inevitable fines from CPZs on which the council relies, are regressive taxes that impact poorer residents more than the wealthy.
CPZs impact car drivers.

Some of these car drivers are not so wealthy and rely on their car to get to work. It's not a model London can afford. Yes they lose and yes it's sad that some poor people are disadvantaged but it was predominantly poor children that played in the street and nobody gave a monkey's about as the motorcar took over.

This is old ground and well discussed before.

I think the council can suffer from "the idiots scream the loudest" sometimes and Ms Kober has decided to treat them as such. Baby, bathwater.
The whole of the borough should be charged for parking outside their house. That's just obvious and probably will happen over the next few years as the council gets desperate for revenue; fill the big black hole in finances the country keeps obsessively talking about.
"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Is it not time now, surely after 40 years in power, for a change of the majoriy party at Haringey council?
You are all missing the the bigger picture :-

Firstly we are told by national government that local democracy is what people want , but when the council don't take any no notice of consultation leaflets this becomes undemocratic .

Since the introduction of the emission tariff on our permits , it's only the poorer parts of the borough that get bullied into excepting these dreconium taxes. The likes of the richer side (i.e. parts of Highgate,Musswell Hill and Crouch End ) and potentially drive larger vehicles continue to pollute at no extra cost because the council is frightened of their lobbies. If you own a car we either should all pay for this or nobody. STEALTH TAX ON THE POOR

How many councillors are in this bracket ? THESE COUNCILLORS SHOULD BE NAMED AND SHAMED



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