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Update: I am pleased to report that, although Royal Mail hasn't acknowledged delivery on its system, at least one of my items has been received. So both the local post office and Royal Mail are exonerated. Apologies for casting doubt. I imagine that services have been suffering recently with Covid cases and isolation.

Has anyone experienced recent, successfully resolved, delays with items posted at the Green Lanes post office? I sent some important documents early last week, none of which have been delivered yet. I'm wondering whether/when to start worrying. 

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Hi Julia 

I posted documents back in June Reg and signed for ... not arrived yet!

I have tried to go back there to try and find out where item is but the queue is always so long and slow but it is on my to do list this week i will let you know the outcome if you like.

I have checked on line and some countries are still very behind with mail.

June?! That bodes ill. Have you contacted Royal Mail?

Is it a Post Office Agency ?

Worth contacting Royal Mail customer services 

Yes I have complained on 31/07/21 supposed to be a 3 day turn around for response?

I have not heard back from them yet!

If there’s a delay it will be in the sorting office not the green lanes post office. All mail processed whether signed for or not is collected and taken to a sorting office by the end of the day. It’s highly unlikely to still be in the post office. 

The post office staff won’t be able to help you as they see the same tracking info that you do. If you have a tracking number then you can enter it here:


Unless the item is sent special delivery the tracking isn’t that useful as it only shows you info when the item is actually delivered. 

If an item from June hasn’t been delivered it will be classed as lost now and you can make a claim. 

I have a business account with Royal Mail and delays depend on where you are sending to at the moment. I am seeing delays of a couple of days to areas like Doncaster and Sheffield but sent something to Aberdeen and it was there the next day.

The best service to use is Special Delivery as it’s prioritised over everything else. 



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