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Its really upsetting but we now need him collected asap

Uploaded a report on the council website but do they work on Saturdays?

Would appreciate any advice.

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If its in your back garden you will have to move it to the front garden or where your bins are. They won't take it if it means they have to enter your property to go through to your back garden. 

oh no, are there any other quicker solutions. 

its wedged between concrete in the back garden

Unlikely. They won't enter a property in case someone from the council accidently damages something, or there's an accusation of theft. Their insurance doesnt cover it. You got a neighbour or a family member who can move it? It will need to be "presented" in the front of your property for collection. I know as I had a similar issue a couple of years ago. Good luck. 

Members of our urban fox community should really take greater care about where they choose to die. Their rustic habits die hard of course, but they can't expect to have it both ways.

The procedure is to bag it and bin it. That's all.

Call Veolia (02088857700) and ask them to log the dead fox as an emergency pick up, provided it's on the front garden bagged up

Why did it die? Diseased? Old age? Poisoned? Trapped?  

Get a black plastic rubbish bag, turn it inside out, put your arm inside to the bottom seam, pick up the dead animal by the tail and close the bag over it then put it in the dustbin. 



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