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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Hilarious tweet tonight from David Lammy where he accuses the BBC of being crass when they tweeted that we can either expect black or white smoke coming out of the Sistine Chapel in the next couple of days to announce that they have agreed on a new pope.
Lammy thought that the BBC were referring to the skin colour of the new pope.
His silly tweet led to other hilarious tweets from people eg David Lammy announces that chess sets are racist etc etc. But also not so funny tweets as: The people of Tottenham get the MP that they deserve.
Silly Billy.

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Love it.

His complaint wasn't so much misguided as misread!

I believe he thought the BBC's tweet said 'will Pope be black or white?'

An easy mistake to make if you're reading in a hurry, but you would think he would double check before tweeting.
I disagree, I don't think there was any dual meaning intended by the BBC tweeter. It was a very clear and straightforward tweet referring to the black or white smoke used to indicate whether or not a decision has been arrived at.

David Lammy admitted he made a mistake whilst reading the tweet.

I agree with you Lesley - I'm not sure how anyone could tweet about watching to see whether the smoke coming out of the Vatican chimney is black or white (in accordance with the tradition/rules) without mentioning that the smoke might be black or white.  The meaning was clear to anyone with some basic general knowledge of how the conclave works.

His original tweet referred to an 'innuendo' though - I don't think he'd have said that if he simply misread the tweet.

That doesn't make him look any better, though!  It makes him look more silly if anything - how can you possibly draw an innuendo from the initial tweet unless (a) you don't know how the conclave works and/or (b) you think there is something race-related in the choice of black and white smoke for showing whether a new Pope has been elected?

I don't care either way, I have no opinion of the guy. I'm just pointing out that it's an odd way to phrase it if he'd genuinely misread read it the way he later said he had.

A bit of a twit, in fact ?

Leave him alone, we all do silly things... and make mistakes!! I thought the pasty tax was for untanned people... I too misread and misunderstood!! 

 Its ok, laugh at me.... cos I still giggle at myself!!

It wasn't a lack of concentration, that's for sure.  It was complete ignorance, and this from someone who is supposed to be making our laws.  It isn't just an expression when I say that I was really shocked by such a blunder--I'm Jewish and I knew what the black and white smoke reference was all about. 

Obviously he was asleep during school religion lessons--which only goes to prove that young Lammy was showing a talent for politics even in those early years.

I think it is not only stupid but sad. He should get someone to read proof what he tweets before he sends them. This most probably won't be the last time he makes a blunder. I also thought the quote on television on the news after the Tottenham riots quiet interesting when he quoted that he had lived "all his life in Tottenham", when for the last five years or so he had lived in Stroud Green N4.

Came across this assessment of David Lammy's 'work' today. Lucky he isn't responsible for anything...



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