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Haringey's Mike Hskata has said that the event won't happen again and that the organisers will be paying for the "repair" of the damage to the park. So if it wasn't part of the contract between Tough Mudder and Haringey then we will be paying. Typical.

Hmmm, I'd like to see the evidence that Tough Mudder are "held to account" over the coming months. Perhaps an open letter to them by FOFP and their response.

It would be quite normal for a licence to use land to include a clause requiring the licensee, in event of damage by the licensee's use, to restore the land.

It all depends on what conditions this Labour council put in the contract when it llet TM ise the park. If TM haven't breached any of those conditions then they have done nothing wrong. I think we'll find that the council haven't put strong ecological  or environmental protection clauses in the contract amd so they are at fault. And so we will pay, yet again, for the incompetence of Labour councillors. 

This is really no different from the concert damage that happens every summer. Parks are meant to be places for exercise and quiet relaxation that doesn't reduce the enjoyment of other park users.

Tough Mudder damage to Finsbury Park has now gone national: ITV ran a report [link], also now reported by The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily MirrorDaily Express as well as earlier reports in the Evening Standard and the Daily Mail.  Haringey's name is mud, then. Officially.

It was the leading story on last night's local news on itv.

Lol, Haringey council. You can't make it up. 

Does anyone know what's happening to the Tough Mudder s already lined up? We've never done one but friends and we signed up multiple kids to the Cancer research fundraising one in May due to a recent diagnosis of my dad. Never expected it to have such bad impact on the park.

I think that one is actually a Race for Life, not TM - the website suggests it will be run 'mainly' on paths and hard surfaces, so I guess it will depend on the state of the park.

ah thanks, yes, got confused as it's called Pretty Muddy Kids. the description sounds quite off road though https://raceforlife.cancerresearchuk.org/about-our-events/pretty-mu...

It looks like Race for life and another running event in early June are still going ahead. 2024 Tough Mudder isn't

Haven’t we been here before? Some years ago there was an event (funfair?) on Ducketts Common that also seriously damaged the grass and ground, with similar concerns about who was going to restore and take liability for the damage. Does anyone know how it was resolved? 

I don't know how it was resolved but it took a long time and the recovery wasn't complete before the next event set it back again.



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