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Our MP is not exactly covering himself in glory this week is he?

As Hadley Freeman so succinctly put it "Dinosaurs one day, vulnerable people the next. It's hard to keep up with your ever-changing views of women".

I'll just go back to hoarding all my rights now. 

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Class A useless politician that proves continuously why Labour will never win outside of a few large cities again

Labourstegasaurus. Only to be found on the British Isles but has less aggressive variations in Oceania.  Found mostly in urban areas and can be identified by it's large red dorsal plates and spitting head. Officially the last dinosaur on earth and soon to be extinct. 

Although he, like others of his ken are regarded in some political and media circles as 'the gifts that keep on giving'.

I fought for those rights, however I see no problem in extending those rights and protection to others who face discrimination.

Sure, but those rights overlap.

For example do 'biological' women not deserve their own safe spaces?

Is there not something unique in being a woman that not man will ever have the privilege of being or understanding?

If a man can become a woman by the flick of the pen, do women's rights even exist?

Very good point and something a lot of progressives probably haven't even though of? 

I mean, it's the central argument that's been raging regarding trans rights for years (see: The Great Mumsnet TERF Wars). 

I mean, that's just dishonest at best. The "grand argument" isn't if a man is a woman, it's if trans people deserve basic respect and deserve recognition as the gender they transition to. That's not a women's rights issue, and any argument that starts off with "but what if one of *those* people is in a bathroom" then Lammy's point about that view being archaic seems to start making a whole lot of sense given the long, shameful history of arguments from disgust about who should and should not be allowed in segregated spaces. Your rights do not end when someone else is granted them. 

What rights would have to be extended? Gender reassignment is already fully protected by the Equalities Act 2010.

If Wayne Couzens or Danyal Hussein decided to identify as female would you support their transfer to a women's prison? 

If Hitler was a vegan, would you support Harvester serving him an Incredible burger?? 

I'm not sure what you mean? But I'm pretty sure that if a man with male genitallia is currently in a female shower at the swimming pool, the police are called pretty quickly regardless what the man identifies as.

And I think we agree, those men should never be allowed in women's prisons, but under current rules they would be, so you're proving my point 



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