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Hi Harringay Online!

I recently moved to the area and so far have lots of praise. My one main gripe however is that cycling in and out of the area is a real ball ache. Understandably Green Lanes, as a sort of commercial hub, is busy and somewhat risky but the real shocker is discovering that the more residential Wightman Road (the only other option...) is probably just as bad!

I've got about a decade's worth of experience cycling throughout different parts of London but the current state of Wightman Road is probably the worst I can think of.

Is this a shared sentiment in the area? And if so is there anything being done about it?

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Hi Leesa, thanks for letting me know about this! It definitely sounds like something I'd be interested in helping with so I'll be in touch soon. Unfortunately I'm quite time-poor (hence this delayed reply) but would be keen to see how I could help regardless. 

As others have said, there were some “improvements” to Wightman Road a few years ago, which entailed building chicanes and reorganising the parking bays. They were supposed to make things better for cyclists (amongst others), but, in typical Haringey Council style, they were an expensive mistake which made things worse. I used to commute by bike, but I’ve started to drive to work now instead - although the previous layout was also flawed/dangerous, it was no where near as dangerous as the current layout. It’s just not worth the risk in my opinion!

Hi Simon, 

Welcome to the area!

Having earlier this year getting seriously doored, I now try and avoid any busy roads like Green Lanes and Wightman unless really early ie. quiet.

Depends where you are on the ladder, and it's a right faff, but I tend to take my bike out via Downhills Park, Lordship Rec, join the CS1 out the back way and then get myself out to the city via the various connecting Cycle Superhighways.

Like I said, a real faff, but safe as it's nearly all traffic-free or segregated and fairly green too.

Thanks Simon! Unfortunately I need to head to the West End so going via CS1 is a bit of a detour. I'll try it out a few times though, could be worth it.

My commute in is pretty much Turnpike Lane to the West End and I just follow the 29 bus route. I've tried lots of alternative routes over the years but they also tend to have loads of junctions, rat running on narrow roads (although this is slowly decreasing with more LTNs), lack of infrastructure, etc.

The 29 route is bus lanes for most of it which isn't too bad and faster than the alternatives.

Thanks for the tip!

I also have a colleague who cycles from Enfield and he swears by the same route. I personally don't mind losing a bit of time if it means a more peaceful route which is why I've avoided it so far although I might give it a go soon.

At the moment I follow the C38 route from the bottom of Finsbury Park and I find it to be a good trade off for speed/comfort. It's also massively been improved by the fairly recent improvements in infrastructure made near the Arsenal stadium.


Campaigning for an LTN/ safer streets on the Ladder/ Wightman has been going on for 40 years or so. I hope Hugh is right.

I agree that Green Lanes is marginally safer and a 24 hour bus lane might help, but this needs the removal of the car parking.

Then, perhaps, something like the Palmers Green solution, single lane traffic and cycle lanes both sides.

If you haven't been to Palmers Green, try it - it's definitely the best solution for Green Lanes!



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