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Long story, but would anyone who has used Dan James for their loft conversion relatively recently be willing to have a chat with me about them ASAP, i.e. in the next day or so?

I've read all the reviews on here for them, but there's nothing like having a conversation with someone to really find out the nitty gritty.

I'd be most grateful

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I have had the same..... all very stressful.

I'm so sorry to hear that. Fortunately, all our big structural works are done so we may just get different tradesmen to finish off the minor left over jobs. It's annoying but we have to get the place ready by December. The whole revocation project has been going on since February this year.

Any news on this? I am another one affected. Seems like more than handful of projects have been stopped and probably going out of business leaving everyone stranded....

Hi Vestixio,

I have just send you a contact request,

Many thanks


Good to know that I am not alone to have a disastrous experience with Dan James. My roof extension started in late August. Builders stopped coming 4 weeks ago and last week I received an email from Jamie telling me that they had to pause all work for 2 weeks. Today I tried to contact him for an update, but as usual, no reply so far. We have no roofing, no tiling, no windows. When it rains, it is still dripping inside. All the rubbish still stays with us. There isn't a skip. As it is getting colder, we are freezing inside. I am sure that Jamie has been left to face a difficult situation. So I don't want to blame him. My worry is what if Dan James goes bust - then our half built work would be uninsured! In this situation it is hard to find someone who want to pick up the rest and provide a builder's warranty. What are your thoughts? 

Hi Yat, our loft conversion and original flat renovation are 90% completed but you have a point, which is if Dan Jamws goes busted, will our whole project still be insured? And the extension won't have a warranty right? This is very worrying...

Exactly. And I suggest you also need to contact their building regulation sub-consultant to act on your behalf to secure the building reg approval, especially if you hire other builders to finish the job.

Today was the end of the two week pause.  I have heard nothing more and Jamie’s phone is still switched off.  I presume that no-one else has heard anything?

Nothing at all

I have finally got a one-liner from Jamie. He said in reply to my email - "I will give you an update today/tomorrow". Meanwhile, I have contacted their structural engineer, Steven France. According to him, his company has not been paid for any design they have done for Dan James' Haringey projects, and he heard that Dan James has gone into administration, so the chance for them to come back to finish the work is slim. I will wait to see what exactly Jamie will tell me.

Hi Yat,
Do you know how they found out he’s gone into administration?

there is nothing on companies house about this. 

Anyone heard any more / had any contact?  I note from Companies House site that Jamie has set up a new business…

Still trying to get electrical certs for my (mostly) completed job



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