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Anyone have a tree that gives more fruit than they need? 

I make fruit cheese (a type of preserve) and use local produce as much as I can. There is lots of wonderful fruit in local gardens and allotments, much of which goes to waste as there is too much of it at once or the tree owner is not able to pick for whatever reason. Right now I'm particularly keen to find damsons.

I can pick your tree for a share of the fruit or, if you prefer, offer you some finished damson 'cheese'. So if you have a tree that gives you more than you can handle I’d love to hear from you! Thank you.



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Hi Hazel - I have what I think is a greengage tree at the bottom of the garden which should give you a nice bowl full, if you want to come round feel free 07815 142011

Thank you, Karen! i'll text you tomorrow

Hi Hazel, there is a damson tree on Lancaster Road, N4 which people pick every year. There is also one on the parkland walk opposite the petrol station on Stapleton Road.
Thank you, Gillian! Much appreciated



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