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Can anyone recommend a good damp specialist to take a look at potential damp problems and carry out any work necessary? The recent wet weather has led to some problems with damp coming inside when it should have remained outside... Thanks.

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Seconded. I was told I needed a new DPC at the cost of £3K by one of the damp proof companies. I got an independent surveyor in who diagnosed condensation. Fixed problem by ensuring good ventilation etc.

Absolutely. I've emailed a couple of independents from that list. Good to know from others that it's worth the initial outlay to get a decent, independent opinion.

Many thanks

You probably have this sorted by now, but I am a Harringay based Indepedent Damp and Timber Surveyor.  I'm fully qualified, insured and am a member of the trade association the Property Care Association.  I also carry the government Trustmark.
I do not have any links with any contractors.

Jason Mahoney



Just a quick note to say that we have just used Jason Mahoney having seen him advertising on this site (JPM Independent Surveyors). Jason is locally based, fully independent and clearly a very knowledgeable damp & timber surveyor. Our report came very swiftly, with clear recommendations for us to take forward to a contractor, or deal with ourselves in some cases. A nice guy too - recommended.

Have to say - for anyone who is looking at this and needing to feel confident in a damp specialist, i used Abbots too and they were superb. 

In fact my issue was so minor they didn't even charge me for the inspection as it took 10 mins. 

Hi David,

Do you have contacts for Abbots? I'm not looking for a damp surveyor but for someone who can do the repair/work itself. 


Jo C 

We had three damp specialists look at our house recently. Two were really over-the-top and quoted very expensive treatment to half of the house, which we felt was unwarranted. The third seemed to do a good job of looking at the house properly, identifying the sources and the areas where there was a legitimate issue, and providing a much more reasonable quote. We haven't done the damp treatment yet, but if we do, we'll likely use him. His name is Andy Barber and he runs a company called Refresh PSC (https://refreshpsc.co.uk). 

Hi Rehan,
Did you use Refresh for the treatment? Would you recommend them?

hi jeannie i used refresh for a rising damp problem.  they gave a reasonable quote compared to others and did a good job.  i would recommend.

Thanks for letting me know!



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