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The following from the LCSP:

As you know, local residents fought an excellent campaign to oppose the opening of an Adult Gaming Centre in Green Lanes. The Council supported us by refusing licensing and planning permission, but unfortunately both of these decisions were overturned on appeal. This means that Agora Leisure have the right to open their premises.

However, they have now put in an application to vary their licence, meaning that the premises would be divided into 3 units. The sole reason for this is to increase the number of the most addictive and profitable gaming machines, which offer £500 prizes for a £1 stake. The law only allows 4 per premises, but by dividing up the site into 3 small units they will end up with 12 of these machines.

This is a totally cynical and calculated move, which was no doubt part of their plan from the outset. We actually stand a very good chance of resisting this, and the Council is on our side from the start. However, as local residents we do need to show the strength of our opposition, so please sign the online petition by 30 November which will help us to ensure that our case is as strong as possible.

If you would like to make an individual representation direct to the Council, go to the Planning and Licensing page on this site, in the Licensing section, you'll see links for viewing licensing applications and instructions on making representation.

Also have a look at Bushy's related post here

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It closed about three weeks ago Christy.
Hugh - that's fantastic news.

Another victory for community action. Well done everyone.

Though I agree with Chris that we need to stay vigilant - especially on the opening hours issue.

All the more reason to stay regularly in touch with your friendly local website!! :o)
Just been called by Ian at LCSP. Apparently Agora are contravening several of the Planning Inspector's conditions:
a. The hours. (Apparently they've been open 24 hours)
b. The open doors - they are required to have self-closing doors which close.
c. They do not have a shop-front displaying items for sale
d. They have no permission for the sandwich board they have on the street.

It sounds to me like they know they can get away with these contraventions and are just taking the piss.

The recourse lies with planning enforcement who, Ian points out, do not have the best record. And, even at their best, putting these things right could take months. I understand that emails have gone out from Haringey and we'll see if they have any effect.
I bet you can add to that (e) use of more than 4 fixed odds machines, given the flagrancy with which they've just ignored all the other conditions. Anyone able to help out with identifying just how many of these crack machines they've got on site?
If you go into Betterbet or Metrobet, you can see what they look like. or you could try Googling FOBT or Fixed Odds Betting Terminal
They are generally Virtual Roulette (but there are other types) machines. There's a little on Wikipedia.

Here's an interesting quote from this article
The risk was summed up beautifully yesterday by a senior bookmaker who said to me, “Do you know, our betting shops are empty in the afternoon now; there’s nobody there”. “Why is that?”, I asked. He said, “Because our machines are so efficient that we have stripped all the money out by lunchtime and everybody’s had to go home. There’s no money left in anybody’s pocket”

And if you have no money and you need it, wonder what you're going to do to get it?
Just had a message from a member who told me that they'd popped in to Agora and seen that there were more than the permitted 4 machines. Granted, only 4 were turned on. The others had labels advising customers that they'd need to ask the manager to have the others turned on. Apparently the idea is they'd turn one of the four off and switch another on. Believe it? They've shown scant regard for the law thus far.

I've mentioned it to Licensing at Haringey and they are checking about exactly how the legal limit on the number of machines allowed is framed - e.g. does it refer to the number of machines present in any shape or form, or can operators have additional machines as long as they're not switched on?
I just popped in and there were signs on three or four of the machines. I couldn't tell how many of these machines were there, as they all look the same to me. All the ladies in there approached me in a 'The Fog' kind of fashion asking me what I would like to do, so I scarpered.

There was however a very un-appetising buffet for the punters to scoff on, there were non, obviously waiting until 1am.
I understand that this idea has been firmly squashed. I am very pleased at this - not least because I was about not only to register my objection, but to post an interminable reply exhibiting all fifteen sides of the issue in depth! There are at least seventeen sides to everything...

But who can say...



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