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As a regular user of Ally Pally I'm bemused by the behaviour of many cyclists. Whenever I'm cycling say to Crouch End, I come through the Station Gate and traverse the flat, even,car free Lower Road. I Note that many cyclists cycle over Alexandra Way which is a sweaty boring ride. Now some may go that way for a workout but many are clearly not doing it for fun! I want to yell out to them about this but would probably be regarded as a weirdo...

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Well, it's the most iconic hill in the area, so I guess it's mostly people cycling over for the challenge and excitement of it. Speaking of which, I was rather proud of myself recently going over Box Hill, which cycling fans will know is a very steep climb and a treacherous descent through a series of hairpin bends. It was lucky that I was in my car!

I saw this hill quoted as proof that more people now cycle rather than use the car. The data was taken from Strava, and very many of the additiona "journeys" simply involved cycling back across the bottom of the park and doing it again.

Yes, you would

I don't do it often but I cycle up the hill for the challenge but also because there's a good cut-through at the top to the back of Muswell Hill, I am someone who tries to avoid busy roads these days and it's pretty good for respectable passing from cars - apart from late at night when people are gunning cars up and down there. Hope that helps, no need to yell out now?



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