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I noticed one of the items on the survey from the traffic workshop was:

Allow cycling along Harringay Passage

I was under the impression that it was already allowed. Certainly Google, Garmin and OSM all have it marked as a cycle route.

It's not technically a footway as it doesn't run alongside a road so I'm not sure exactly what the legal status of it would be, I guess it would be a footpath. There'd probably need to be a bye-law in place to prevent cycling.

Anyone know what the position is here?

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Oh dear, well i cycle through the passage on a daily basis. How you can think to ban us, is beyond me

Roads are too dangerous, pavements arent allowed. Please tell me where we belong. And some pedestians even complain when i gently say excuse me, when behind them, They say "Why dont i have a bell". well if you are a regular cyclist you will know most bells dont work in the rain, and any decent quality bells get stolen,

anyways please dont think about banning us, but like everything, its about respect and patience, and yes even i dont peddle when there are kids coming down. And we can all live happily together even in the passage

I've been cycling down Green Lanes for eleven years and have never had an accident. Perhaps you could try it with me?



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