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I'd love to meet Joanne McCartney but... Can't do an hour and a half earlier?

are pedestrians allowed to attend - or is it only a cycling event? can pedestrians comment on cycling too  ?. I also  own a car which may preclude me . But if not I would very much welcome hearing whats discussed if that's possible . Thank you G   

Of course drop by, bike week is about encouraging people who don't cycle to give it go, so not just for those who cycle. Most of us also own cars too!

Thanks I can't cycle any more unfortunately but I have done years of it ! I'd like to hear whats being discussed and also comment if allowed Thank you 

Could you please ask cyclists to dismount when they cross the bridge to protect pedestrians. Thank you.

Yes I am in complete agreement and would also like you to ask cyclists to dismount when they cross the bridge... many are now doing so which is great but there are a hard core that are blatantly ignoring the barriers and signs and being rude in their disregard. My granddaughter was mown down by one such person. Thank you Martin for bringing this up.

Nope, they don't need to do that to protect pedestrians. The law and guidance from the home office is quite clear that they're allowed to cycle carefully on the footpath giving pedestrians priority where a road has been closed. That's why the police won't go and enforce that unenforceable sign, they were duped into it by the contractor originally

I'm curious as to how cyclists are ignoring the barriers. Do they have magic powers to just go through them?

That's so considerate of you John. Clearly a compassionate being with an awareness of how this is clearly effecting your neighbours... This footpath happens to have peoples gates directly opening onto it...it is also outside an elderly peoples supported housing home, cyclists are cycling at speed out of the barriers into the road and pavement.. could knock down a resident or collide with a mobility scooter... it's dangerous. My grandaughter was knocked over into a barrier and I was almost hit on my crutches, very scary as I could be hospitalised.... and yes despite the barriers cyclists are remaining on the bikes and cycling between them clever eh! It does not feel good with a super cycling highway literally on my doorstep no. BUT I am all for cycling, responsible cycling....all it need's is a little respect for other peoples needs... Cyclists have a wonderful clear journey along the rd at present, a short dismount is not much to ask for surely... but then for some who cares... I'm ok Jack... and I can do it because its not lawful.... lets just laugh in the faces of those making the fuss over nothing....

I'm not laughing, I said I'm weeping.

You can't take my insistence on my rights that have been clearly given to me by the home office as being an inconsiderate bad neighbour because a fascist contractor has put up a sign that they have no right to. It's the same informational colour and font as the "Road Closed" signs.

They have placed it there to help and support the people who live on the path John who are the ones dealing with the worst of the upheaval including the noise of the works constantly...  and those who walk across it daily to..including families and childminders with children who have also had scary moments with their children and bikes to....small consolation but they have been trying to help. And after sharing the difficulty and a bit about my story you response here seems very inhuman.

You're using your weakness to try to change my behaviour. I'm just not buying it. I do sympathise with your position, I just resent you using it to get me to do what you want.

Without wanting to get into a long drawn out argument.  I don't see any problems with cyclists not dismounting, as long as they cycle slowly and carefully, and actually due to the width of the bridge it actually makes passing easier.  Due to the layout of the crossing there are a few blind corners that need care and attention.

As a side note I nearly got hit by a runner when walking across the bridge on foot who burst round one of the corners.  So it would be cool if people could just show other people some consideration.



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